Review: Henry Frontier Lever Action Octagon Barrel .22 Rifle

    I’ve always enjoyed lever action rifles and most of you readers know that. From my childhood to the present they have been a favorite companion in the woods and on the range. In short, they are just fun and surprisingly accurate.

    This Henry is the Frontier model. With it’s 20 inch octagon barrel it’s a good looking rifle. Yes I like octagon barrels! The finish on the steel parts is well done with a deep blue/black color. The matte finish of the American walnut stock is also uniform and well done.


    The lever loop is the standard variety but a large lever loop is available as a separate purchase for $50 from the Henry store. I’ve enjoyed the look and feel of the large lever loop since my first Winchester 92 which had an aftermarket loop. I ordered the large lever loop with the rifle and changed it out before going to the range.

    Installing the large loop is straightforward and fairly easy to do. One screw is removed to take the buttstock off. After the buttstock is removed the receiver cover is lifted off after removing the four screws which secure to the frame. A couple of small parts are removed allowing the user to pull the original lever loop out from the bottom of the receiver. The large lever loop is then worked into the slot for it. Both of the small parts that secure it are installed leaving you to only put the cover back in place and replacing the four screws back in the receiver cover and attaching the buttstock.


    One thing I’ve been doing for years is the old lever action twirl or spin. Using the large loop makes it pretty easy.

      Don’t do this with a loaded rifle ever please!

    Henry Lever Loop Replacement For Factory Small Loop

    Henry Lever Loop Replacement For Factory Small Loop


    After installing the large lever loop I made sure to lube the rifle and worked the action a bit. I took it to the range for a couple of hours and shot a couple of hundred rounds of various weights and brands of ammo. The Henry feed everything I put into it without a glitch. The action is smooth as butter and feels solid with no lateral play.


    The Marble Buckhorn sights are adjustable both for windage and elevation. The front sight has a brass bead which really does help to attain a quick sight picture. I know some who don’t care for this type of sight and of course, that’s fine you use what works best for you. I’ve always found the buckhorn sights to be more than acceptable for the practical range of the rifle.

    Heavy barrel for greater accuracy

    Heavy barrel for greater accuracy

    I made a good number of trips to the range with the Henry and never experienced a malfunction. Total number of rounds fired was 500 and a bit over that amount. I did some precision work as well from 50 yards seated with a backpack as a rest. The CCI Maxi-Mag gave the best group which was right at one and 3/8th inch. The largest group was right at 1 3/4 inches using the Remington 500 round bulk ammo pack.

    Henry Lever Octagon .22 LR/.22 Short
    Model Number H001T
    Action Type Lever Action Repeater
    Caliber .22 S/L/LR
    Capacity 21 rounds .22 Short, 16 rounds .22 LR
    Length 38.5″
    Barrel Length 20″
    Weight 6.25 lbs.
    Stock American Walnut
    Sights Marbles fully adjustable Semi-Buckhorn rear, with reversible white diamond insert and brass beaded front sight
    Finish Blued barrel and lever
    M.S.R.P. $450.00

    The Henry Frontier is a nice little rifle that would serve well as a first rifle for your kids as well as a good truck gun (as long as you put it in a case to protect that finish). It’s also a nice one to use as a family range gun. In fact I was just getting to the range one Saturday afternoon and a man and his wife along with their young daughter were out shooting using a Henry Classic .22 rifle.


    Gold inlay lettering

    Gold inlay lettering


    Henry Website

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