TFB EXCLUSIVE: FBI Says SIG Romeo4M Red Dot Is Good As An Aimpoint | Approved For Duty!

    It is no secret that SIG Sauer suffered a pretty large blow to the P320 series of pistols when the FBI selected a modified version of the Austrian Glock. I thought that just about everything was lost for SIG and their ambitions of landing Gov approval of their use by federal law enforcement officers.

    Since the move to go with Glock, I have been told by someone within SIG that the FBI is looking very hard at their new V-Crown hollow point as well as the FMJ range ammo that is purportedly matched in performance to the defensive loads.

    The most exciting development in my humble opinion is allowing FBI personnel to use the previously unproven Romeo4M red dot sight on their duty rifles. Does this mean that they feel the SIG sights are as good as the Aimpoint offerings?

    TFB received a tip from a Special Agent that the FBI has approved the Romeo4M for use on personally owned rifles in addition to the Aimpoint H/T series.

    After I was informed of the FBIs green light of the Romeo4M, I was left wondering what type of testing was conducted to verify the sight was up to duty use. Was there an extensive test done to ensure that the sight had no defects or weak points or did they approve the sight as a result of the SIG name alone? What was it about the Romeo4M that drew the FBIs attention over the other SIG electro-optic offerings?

    TFB has reached out to the FBI by email seeking comment on the testing procedures used to clear the Romeo4M for duty use but has not received any response as of the time of publication, we will update as we learn more. TFB has received confirmation from our source within SIG that the Romeo series has been picked up by the FBI.

    Currently, the Romeo4M seems to have a street price of around $500 with an included mount.