Iraqi Firearms Engraver Noori Sabeh

    Noori Sabeh (نوري النقاش) is a professional engraver in Iraq who has made his presence on social media with some excellent engraving work considering the lack of access to materials and tools otherwise very prevalent in Europe and North America. The majority of his work is focused on traditional wood and metal engraving of various bolt action rifles, shotguns, and handguns that customers send in. He originally started out in the jewelry business and has been engraving for several decades.

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    The firearms he works on typify the majority of the older firearms available in Iraq, mostly Brünn VZ 24s initially made for Iran, later manufactured within the country at the Taslihat-e Artesh Arms Factory. A number of these rifles found their way into Iraq by way of several markets. Noori Sabeh has also done a number of Hi Powers, also very prevalent within the Iraqi small arms markets. It appears that he has stripped the dark finish off the metal and chromed it in several cases.13344774_105535663205854_1663750066327088032_n 13407153_116969388729148_1714452110092962443_n 13432345_116969392062481_5315754172923394585_n 13529049_136400513452702_5607482002735564008_n 14702465_210022679423818_6425720484725213432_n 13528698_136392620120158_2303735060034769425_n 13532924_136428856783201_3671598991740149469_n 13612246_136428896783197_591800271333790827_n

    In addition to the VZ 24s and Hi Powers he has also engraved a Mauser C96, and an FN Model 1900, very rare handguns indeed.

    All his work appears to be done with simple hand tools at his small workshop in Baghdad.

    If you are interested in more of his work, pay him a visit on his social media page.


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