Bufferless: The Serbu SU-15 Upper Receiver Group

    Serbu Firearms based in Tampa, Florida, known in part for their Super Shorty 12GA Any Other Weapon (AOW), is set to release an upper receiver group for the AR-15. But it’s not your typical AR upper – the SU-15 uses an operating rod and main spring, eliminating the need for a buffer and buffer tube. Hello folding stocks!

    The SU-15 utilizes a fixed-piston gas system which promises cleaner, more reliable operation. Also, the upper is compatible with all standard AR lowers and uses the same bolts, firing pins, cam pins, barrels and barrel extensions.


    • Receiver: 12.55″ and 14.75″
    • Caliber: 5.56 and 300BLK
    • Barrel Lengths: 7.5″ & 16″ (5.56); 9″ and 16″ (300BLK)
    Serbu SU-15 @TFB

    SU-15 @TFB

    SU-15 @TFB

    SU-15 @TFB

    Although it’s not specified, it appears that the reciprocating charging handle can be switched between either side, making the upper ambidextrous. It is also not clear if the gas block is adjustable, allowing for switching between suppressed and unsuppressed fire.  The price for a complete SU-15 Upper receiver which includes the bolt assembly, buffer, and barrel assembly. The side folding stock will be available from Serbu at a later date.

    Serbu SU-15 MSRP: $795 Introductory price ($200 deposit required). $1050 thereafter.

    At this point you are buying a $200 non-refundable deposit to get your place in line for the SU-15 at the $795 introductory price; deliveries will start in April. Please note in your order which receiver length you’d like and what your barrel choice is. The price is for a complete SU-15 Upper Receiver which includes the bolt assembly, buffer, and barrel assembly. Note that the final product will vary slightly from the accompanying pictures.


    SU-15 @TFB


    SU-15 @TFB

    Current availability is showing “sold out” but if you are interested in preordering a SU-15 it never hurts to ask. Count me in as being interested.




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