BAMF or Crazy? Officer Stops Chase with M4 Through Windshield… While Driving!

    In what is liable to be debated in tactical and police circles for years to come, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper engaged with and stopped a fleeing murderer with his duty carbine, while driving at the same time. Typically, it is not recommended to try two potentially deadly activities at once, but the officer was able to pull it off, ending a pursuit in dramatic fashion.

    The suspect was Michael Vance, who had just recently stabbed and shot two family members and shot two Wellston, Oklahoma officers (the officers were treated for nonlife-threatening wounds). Prior to the chase scene shown below, Vance had stolen multiple automobiles including a police cruiser. From there he carjacked another civilian, shot a woman, and made a getaway to the family members he is suspected of murdering.

    Suffice to say, Michael Vance was an extraordinary criminal that warranted extraordinary measures to stop.

    The trooper managed to pull off an extraordinary task. He managed to shoot – accurately, while driving a vehicle, at a moving target. His dashcam shows incredible tactics that he pulled off soundly. Unfortunately, the OHP may need a new windshield and the officer’s hearing should be checked, but the bad guy did not get away.

    What say you? Was the choice to engage a tactically sound decision? There was incredible risk in doing so. Or, was it an extraordinary requirement that the trooper pulled off?


    Nathan S

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