New White River Survival Knife


    White River Knife & Tool announced the availability of a new survival knife. The knife will come in three models: FC-4, FC-5 and FC-7. Each of the models are similar with the number in the model ID representing the length of the blade in inches.

    All of these fixed blade knives use S30V steel for the blade with a full tang. Heavy canvas green Micarta handles are attached to the knife using a “super epoxy” and brass lined, hollow pins. The hollow pins allow for paracord or other cordage to route through them for making a spear or other tool.

    Knives come with a Kydex sheath that includes a fire starting rod. A small portion of the blade near the finger guard is specially designed to work with the fire starting rod. Also for help with fire starting, the company included a polished stainless steel divot in one side of the knife handle for use with a fire bow.

    The company states that these knives are based on the feedback it received from survival experts who have tested prototypes of these knives earlier in the year.

    The FC-4 weighs 6 ounces with a 4″ blade and has a suggested retail price of $240. The 5″ FC-5 weighs a little more at 8 ounces. It has a MSRP of $280. The big daddy FC-7 weighs 12 ounces with its 7″ blade. It retails for $320.

    Richard Johnson

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