MasterPiece Arms Wedge Lock a.k.a “Cow Gate System”

    MasterPiece Arms Wedge Lock system is a barricade stop device designed to be used with their bolt action rifle chassis.They’ve specially designed it to allow stabilizing the rifle on round barricades such as cattle gates, as well as on any other cylindrical surfaces.

    MasterPiece Arms Wedge Lock -1

    MasterPiece Arms Wedge Lock -2

    The system consists of two barrier stops each modified to have a tapered side. The tapered surfaces contact the cylindrical barrier and pinch it applying enough tension to tightly clamp on it. In the video below Phil of MPA has also some grip tape on those tapered sides. However, it’s not clear if adding the tape is a must or just further enhancement of its gripping strength.

    To adjust the Wedge Lock to any particular cylindrical barrier, you need to mount the wedges in proper holes under the forearm of MPA BA chassis. Once mounted on the barrier, this system allows both vertical and horizontal movement of the rifle.

    Supposedly the main target market of this product is long range competition shooting, but it can be useful for other roles too.

    The Wedge Lock is available through MPA’s website at $119.99.

    Maybe to make this device a bit more versatile, it’d be good if they make it M-LOK or KeyMod compatible. Coupled with someĀ sort of quick detach system it could be even better. In theĀ current configuration, it becomes sort of proprietary to MPA stocks only.

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