Ruger Brings Out Yet More Distributor Exclusives

    Continuing on with Ruger’s long-standing practice of releasing distributor exclusives, they have partnered with The Shooting Store and United Sporting Companies to bring out two new variants of Ruger American Rifles. Keeping track of all the variants that Ruger pumps out seems to be an impossible task at this point, I feel for anyone who likes collecting Rugers.

    First up, The Shooting Store will be offering an OD green synthetic stocked American Rimfire Standard with a threaded barrel. The Rimfire Standard is a pretty cool option if you want a bolt action that takes the same mags as your 10/22. It wouldn’t be too tough to cart around out in the field at a scant 5.3 pounds, adding a lightweight 22 suppressor and you should have an excellent small game rifle.


    The second rifle being added to the huge Ruger catalog is another American Rifle, this time chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. The synthetic camo stock is finished in a Krptek pattern they call Nomad, keeping the weight of the rifle to under 7 pounds. It should be able to reach out a good distance thanks to that 22″ 1:8″ twist barrel mated to the American Rifle action. With a whole host of other features, the American Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor should be popular with long range hunters in desert areas that have a budget.