Urban Carry Releases New G2 Model To Address Problems With Original

    For those of you that were lucky enough to miss the first iteration of the Urban Carry making its rounds on social media, the guy below does a pretty good job of highlighting how fast you can get a gun unholstered with the unusual design. Urban Carry seems to have addressed this with their G2 model according to a press release.


    Now I don’t want to dissuade you from taking a look at their newest holster, the Urban Carry G2, because of some gif on the internet. If the Urban Carry G2 seems like something that would fit your needs, make sure you think the purchase through and do PLENTY of research before clicking the checkout button. While there are some rather good traits, the holster also brings its fair share of issues.

    Dawn Foster, the CEO of Urban Carry was quoted in the press release as saying “The G2 was born from the voices of the thousands of people who wear the original Urban Carry everyday. They told us of their love of the quality, the ingenuity, the feeling of security and comfort it gives to them and they told us how to make it better.”

    Some of the improvements made are a new steel belt clip that attaches the holster to the belt, an improved holster silhouette to place the gun in your hand every time, and a powerful magnet to prevent the gun from imitating Superman.

    MSRP for the new Urban Carry G2 is $65, and they appear to be available now on the Urban Carry site HERE.