TFBTV: Halloween Special “Guns vs. Pumpkins” Feat. Count TACula

    In this episode of TFBTV, we’re evaluating the effectiveness of several modern firearms against some organic seasonal gourds in the spirit of Halloween. Our guest host for the day will use some of our fall favorites against a squad of pumpkins, including:

    • The Heckler & Koch MP5 (SBR);
    • The FN M4 (14.5″);
    • The Remington 11-87 Police;
    • The Remington 870 Police (SBS);
    • The Chiappa Triple Threat Shotgun, and;
    • A special guest appearance from a West German SIG P226 in 9mm.

    While we don’t want to spoil the video, the results were ghoulish (even though the host kind of sucks).

    Happy Halloween to everyone who reads TFB from everyone who works at TFB.

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