Stiletto Systems Debuts New Ukranian Sniper Rifle – STL-016

    Stiletto Systems, a joint Ukranian and British venture, has publicly debuted the new sniper rifle for the Ukranian Armed Forces and national Guard. The new rifle is chambered in .300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM), giving the rifle an effective range past 1,000 meters.

    The .300 WSM, despite having the name “short” in its naming, is actually as powerful as the original .300 Winchster Magnum. The .300 WSM in instead a shorter and squatter case which allows the powder to be closer to the primer’s flash hole. When ignited, this gives the .300 WSM a more consistent burn and thus improves the accuracy of the rifle.

    The new STL-016 was shown with an adjustable stock and comb, using a Mosin Nagant style action bedded to a wood or laminate stock. (Actual wood would be an odd choice, given the swelling of the material in a military environment, which has largely given way to fiberglass, polymer, and metal chassis systems).

    Specs (Courtesy of

    The rate of fire the new rifles is about 20 rounds per minute.

    • Sighting range (depends on scope) – 2000 m

    • The blank range on the chest figure height 0.5 m – 470 m

    • The direct fire range at a body figure with the height of 1.7 m – 750 m

    • The accuracy of the battle rifle R100 at the distance of 300 meters. – No more than 1.2 cm

    Its reported that Stiletto Systems is gearing up for production within the Ukraine, however no details have been released at this time.

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