To build what Soldiers can’t bring home, U.S Tabuk rifles

    A recent news article has highlighted the efforts of a company in Oklahoma in replicating the Iraqi Tabuk service rifle, a Saddam Hussein era Iraqi Kalashnikov. The Tabuk is readily identifiable from the myriad of other Kalashnikov copies from the Yugoslavian pistol grip, the extended three vent handguard, grenade launching flip up sights, and the reinforced trunnionĀ of an RPK receiver. In fact, if any of these reminds you of the Zastava Arms M70, then you would be correct, as the two rifles are virtually identical in terms of design. The news article further states the companies rifles were used in American Sniper because of their authentic features.

    The company is Two Rivers Arms, and they make a number of other reproduction firearms other than the Tabuk, to include the Romanian AMD63 and PSL, RPD, and the East German MPiKM. All semi-automatic and legal to own. Of course, one could easily do the historical research and put together a parts kit and assorted other tidbits, but this company does that all for you, right here in the U.S with a finished product. I think their rifles are well priced as well, with the the Tabuk coming in at around $1200 from the company. When it comes to reproduction firearms, this seems very well priced, especially when it comes with a number of the original accessories such as the Arabic manual.

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