StealthGearUSA Introduces The New SG-Revolution Holster

    After carrying a StealthGearUSA holster for the better part of the last year, I take notice when they introduce a new model. The Utah-based company has become well known for their VentCore inside the waistband holsters and has grown by leaps and bounds over the last several years adding more models faster than most companies can think.

    The new SG-Revolution holster combines the .093 Kydex shell we have grown to love on their flagship VentCore line with a laser cut ACX-57 polymer platform. The result is an ultra light holster that tips the scales at only 4.3 ounces, for the IWB standard model, while hopefully retaining many of the benefits of the VentCore line.

    One of the complaints I have heard about StealthGearUSA’s product line is cost. A holster with their name on it can often set you back over $100. Normally I would say that good gear isn’t cheap, but StealthGearUSA was able to bring the new SG-Revolution to market at a low $59 MSRP.

    Some of the features we can expect to see with the SG-Revolution are a battle-worn finish on the Kydex shell, a ship time of under 72 hours, and three holster options to choose from, IWB Standard, IWB-Mini, and AWIB.

    Check out StealthGearUSA‘s website HERE for more information. I imagine that TFB will bring you a review of the new holster sometime soon. Heck, I might even buy one for my Glock 19 or Sig P320 once they are released. They will be rolling out the new SG-Revolution by gun model according to the schedule below.

    • October 28, 2016: Glock 19, Glock 26, Glock 43 and Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm / .40 models
    • November 18, 2016: Sig P938, Walther P30SK, and Springfield XDS 3.3″ 9mm/.40/.45
    • December 9, 2016: H&K VP9, Walther P320C w/rail, and Walther PPS M2
    • December 30, 2016: -Springfield Mod 2. 3″ 9mm/.40, Smith and Wesson M&P Compact, and Glock 17
    • January 2017: Glock 42, Ruger LC9, and Walther PPQ