Caldwell DeadShot Rests for Hunters

    Caldwell hunting rest

    With hunting season upon us, it might be worth spending a few minutes to talk about some of the gear that can make the hunt more productive and enjoyable. One of those things that can help is a hunting rest.

    Every hunter has a different skill level when it comes to shooting. However, no one can reasonably argue that using a rest can’t improve your accuracy and range when compared to simply shooting off of the shoulder. I’m sure most people – even those that eschew the idea of a hunting rest – prefer to have a solid base from which to shoot. Kneeling is better than standing and prone is better than both, right? Well, a hunting rest gives you a chance to further stabilize your shooting position, even if you are in a stand or blind where going prone isn’t really an option.

    Recently, I wrote about the LockedOn 360 gun vise and its application in the field. But there are plenty of other options. Caldwell, for example, has an entire line of hunting rests under the DeadShot name. These rests come in a variety of configurations to handle your specific needs.

    Caldwell hunting rest

    For example, the company offers something called a Fieldpod which is a system for carrying into the field. Sounds pretty obvious, I suppose. The company also offers a Fieldpod MAX which can handle larger guns, AR-style rifles and even crossbows.

    Another product is the DeadShot Treepod. This is designed for a tree stand and has a universal-style mounting plate that works with many different stands.

    If you don’t need a hunting rest, that’s cool. But, there are plenty of people that might benefit from one. Younger and inexperienced hunters, for example. Also, I know there are several organizations that are helping disabled vets get back into the field. One of these could be a good match for someone who misses hunting but can’t hold a gun quite like they used to.

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