New Gear: Mini Bug Out Box

    mini bug out box

    The 12 Survivors site is now offering a new product called the Mini Bug Out Box. This compact survival kit is designed to hold some basic gear you can use to stay alive in an outdoors situation where just walking out of the woods is not an option.

    Included in the Mini Bug Out Box:

    • hard, waterproof case measuring 4″x3.7″x1.2″
    • whistle
    • signal mirror
    • paracord
    • Flint Rod
    • several Band Aid style bandages
    • alcohol wipes
    • antibiotic ointment
    • safety pins
    • fishing hooks and snap swivels
    • sinkers, fishing line
    • utility knife

    mini bug out box

    This kit is labeled as a bug out kit, though I see it as more like a bare bones survival kit for a situation where you did not expect to be on your own for a period of time. In my mind, if you are putting together a bug out bag, it would likely be specific to your needs for your area and suited to the probable disasters that you might encounter. My bug out bag for suburban Florida is likely quite different from someone who lives in a desert climate, mountain region or major city.

    Do you have a bug out kit? If so, what cool survival tools do you include in it? I think that sometimes people get so focused on the worst case scenario, that simple things like some extra cash, Tylenol and a road atlas get forgotten when assembling a kit. Of course, others assemble kits more in line with international espionage. ¬†Or, you can just rely on the survival kit that is part of your 1911 grips…

    Richard Johnson

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