[Big 3 East] Lithgow F90 ATRAX Bullpup Select Fire

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    One of the most highly anticipated firearm manufacturers at Big 3 East was Lithgow Arms. We heard about the Lithgow F90 being imported a few months ago. See the post by Nathaniel F. At first I was not as excited about the Lithgow until my friend Curtis of VSO Gun Channel was raving about how great it is. He got a chance to check it out at the recent IV8888 shoot the week before Big 3 East.


    photo by Timothy Yan

    As a fan of the X95, I didn’t see what was so amazing about the Lithgow until I saw it in person. The weapon can be broken down in about 30 seconds without any tools. You can swap barrels instantly. It is based on the Steyer Aug design.

    The F90 aka AusSteyer, is one pound lighter than the Steyer Aug and half a pound lighter than the X95. The F90 with a 16″ barrel is 2″ shorter than your standard M4 with stock collapsed. One major difference between the Lithgow and Steyer, is the lack of a receiver block like those found in the Steyer Aug. This is where Lithgow was able to save weight. However they are having some issues with the ATF as they need to designate some part as the receiver. They want to avoid identifying the barrel as the receiver because then users will not be able to caliber convert or even change barrel lengths. I think they could try a molded metal piece like you see in polymer framed pistols.

    The F90 has a perfect 50/50 balance and that is shown by manipulating the F90 one handed.



    The F90 uses AUG style magazines, but Magpul is already making magazines that will work with the F90. DSC_0129

    The F90 is projected to have an MSRP of $1999. They are waiting for ATF approval to import them and as soon as that is done, Geissele will be making a trigger pack for it.

    Lithgow USA is already looking to an integrally suppressed .300blk version and making a 37mm flare launcher, since the F90 polymer housing will have the grenade launcher attachment points.


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