Emergency Life Saving Armor In a Bag!

    Earlier this year, I posted an article about a bag that transforms into a plate carrier. Click here to see the article. However no one, myself included, knew who made this bag. Well I found it that it is made by Martinson Industries. It is called the Emergency Life Saving Armor aka ELSA. It retails for $199 on their website and comes only in black. Click here to check it out.




    On the outside, ELSA appears to be an ordinary soft briefcase, but with one swift action of a YKK zipper, ELSA quickly transforms into fully functional, armored plate carrier. ELSA can be deployed and secured within seconds, instantly creating a safe barrier between you and any potential threats.

    Elsa will accept and adjust to industry standard sized hard plates or soft armor inserts.

    Manufactured from highly durable 1000 D Cordura and the latest ITW Ghillie Tex hardware, ELSA is tough and ready for the task at hand. ELSA’s unique design features full front MOLLE panel and three rows on the top back, allows the user to prearrange internal items in any configuration they deem necessary. With ELSA, you can be fully prepared to spring into action quickly, efficiently, and with confidence.

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