[Big 3 East] Falkor Defense Petra .300 Norma & Dracos Composite Barrels


    Falkor Defense, the designers and makers of the Optimus Folding Carbine Stock (which should be shipping this week) have taken their Petra weapon platform, which was made in .300 Win Mag and now chambered it in .300 Norma.

    You can see the .300 Norma next to a .300 Win Mag below.


    They made their own magazine to feed the .300 Norma rounds.  IMG_6245 IMG_6246


    Even more interesting is their Dracos barrel. It is based off the Straight Jacket Barrel system. You can read about the Straight Jacket Barrel here. It is a sleeved system that helps reduce weight and maintain rigidity. More than that, the Straight Jacket Barrel system has excellent thermal dissipation. According to CJ of Big 3 East, the creator of the Straight Jacket system demonstrated this by firing 20 rounds in rapid succession. Then opening the chamber and sticking his pinky finger into the chamber. it was still cold.

    No word on pricing for the Dracos barrels but they will be certainly showcased at SHOT Show 2017.

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