Spanish Mausers Auctioned By SAMCO Now For Sale

    You might remember earlier this year Miles V. blogged that SAMCO, a firearms importer, and distributor, was being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Since then the auction appears to have been completed, and the assets of the once mighty importer of interesting rifles have been distributed to several dealers. Searching through Gunbroker I have come across several auctions for rifles I suspect that came from that auction, but Precise Shooter comes right out and says that the 55 Spanish Mausers they received were SAMCO guns.

    They issue a warning to those that want to snatch up a good deal on the rifles that were sold to the highest bidder, some of the rifles on Gunbroker list condition as good, the rifles that they have seen in their large lot are anything but. Precise Shooter reports that about half of the 55 rifles were marked as poor, incomplete, a quarter marked good, incomplete, and the remainder marked as barreled actions.

    If you do try to scoop up a good deal from the SAMCO auction, make sure that you inspect the rifle before taking it home and ask questions of the seller before committing to buy a rifle with no inspection period.

    You can see the detailed photos over at Precise Shooter’s blog HERE.