Bullpup 2016: Circle 10 AK Developments

    Circle 10 AK is a small company based in northern Illinois that designs and manufactures niche products for the Kalashnikov platform in the United States. They have been relatively successful as a reliable company that commits to selling AK accessories at a good price, and coming up with a few innovative ideas of their own. At Bullpup 2016 we saw a couple of items that Circle 10 AK had in the works.

    First up is a redesign of their AK five cell chest rig that can fit either 30 or 45 round 5.45x39mm or 7.62x39mm magazines. Circle 10 AK began development on this chest rig earlier in the year and after a review by TFB, the company changed some features about it. Biggest difference is the design of the retention system from a canvas flap to bungee with a pull tab. These bungees with pull tabs can accommodate the 45 round magazines as well as the standard 30 round ones. Flaps were seen by Circle 10 AK as possibly flapping too much, getting in the way, etc… due to their length.

    DSC02419 DSC02421 DSC02424

    Next up is their redesigned and newly introduced side folders. Their first one is a triangular AK folder that utilizes a magnet to clip in when folded on the left side of the rifle. The stocks pictured in white are simply fixed instead of folding. They obviously won’t be offered in their unfinished white state either.

    The CRH Customs Triangle Stock is a 100% U.S.-made triangle folding stock for fitment on AKs with 4.5mm side folding stock mechanisms. Made out of 6061 billet aluminum which is then MILSPEC Type II Hardcoat anodized, the stock sports an aggressive end for a great non-slip grip. It features 2 QD points for sling attachments and a powerful rare earth magnet to ensure a strong lock with your stock latch while folded. With the 4140 steel hinge to allow for great durability in the most demanding conditions, the stock weighs in at 14.9oz and is 9″ long. This stock counts as 1 922(r) compliant part.

    DSC02434 DSC02433 DSC02432 DSC02430 DSC02429


    The second stock offering by Circle 10 AK is their Clubfoot design, which mimics an RPK look, but with sling swivel mounts, and hollow on the inside.

    Get that RPK Clubfoot look with a modern twist. This stock is milled from billet 6061 aluminum and has an anodized finish. Uses standard 10-32 hardware and can be bolted onto any compatible hinge such as Stormwerkz or ACE. Includes 2 QD (rotational) mounting points, 1 on each side. The length of the stock is 8.5″ and weight is 13.8oz.

    Made in the USA and is considered one 922(r) compliant part.



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