Ruger 10/22 In Mannlicher Trim

    10/22 Mannlicher

    Sturm, Ruger & Co. teamed up with the firearms distributor Talo to offer a pair of Mannlicher styled 10/22 Carbine. These rifles have full length Mannlicher stocks made of walnut that offer a very distinct look. Some folks love them, others don’t.

    10/22 Mannlicher

    The first of the two rifles, model #1264, has a polished stainless finish on the barrel and receiver, and the same parts are made of stainless steel. The second rifle, model #1265, has a blued finish on all of the major metal parts which are made of an alloy steel. Otherwise, the two guns are very similar.

    Both guns have an 18.5″ barrel with a 1:16″ twist. The overall length of these guns is 37″. With the full length stock, these guns weigh 7.6 pounds – an increase of 2.6 pounds over the standard 10/22 carbine.

    10/22 Mannlicher

    Ruger also offers a 10/22 Sporter rifle with a Mannlicher stock that is made for Talo. The Sporter model features a walnut stock with a different checkering pattern on the pistol grip and fore end than the two carbine models. Other specifications remain the same.

    Ruger makes a wide range of special edition guns like these. While the target market, so to speak, is somewhat small for a specialty item, it is nice to be able to find exactly the gun you want even if that is not the cookie cutter version for the mass market.

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