Breaking: KRISS USA Gen II Vector 10mm!

    Kriss USA just announced that they are shipping 10mm Vectors. They will be available as an SDP pistol, pistol with stabilizing brace, SBR, Carbine and SMG.

    KRISS USA is now shipping the KRISS Vector pistol, short barreled rifle, carbine, and submachine gun, chambered in 10mm.

    September 22, 2016 – Chesapeake, Virginia, USA – KRISS USA, an innovative designer and manufacturer of small arms, has begun delivery of the first KRISS Vector firearms chambered in 10mm to authorized resellers and distributors. Available models include the Vector SDP pistol, Vector SDP-SB pistol with stabilizing brace, Vector SBR short barreled rifle, and Vector CRB carbine; the Vector SMG submachine gun, is available to law enforcement and military.

    The KRISS Vector in 10mm greatly expands the weapon system’s versatility. The Vector is now a viable option for hunting, in addition to being more rounded for personal defense and competition shooting, thanks to the wide variety of projectile weights and the high velocity nature of the 10mm cartridge. Additionally, the patented KRISS Super V System is a perfect fit for the 10mm auto as it channels the powerful energy of the cartridge to reduce muzzle rise and keep the shooter on target.

    Offering and Pricing
    The KRISS Vector SDP, featuring a QD sling swivel at the rear and a 5.5” threaded barrel, starting $1,369.00 MSRP.
    The KRISS Vector SDP-SB, featuring the SB-Tactical stabilizing brace and 5.5” threaded barrel, starting $1,519.00 MSRP.
    The KRISS Vector SBR, featuring a six position adjustable stock and 5.5” threaded barrel, starting $1,569.00 MSRP.
    The KRISS Vector CRB, featuring a six position adjustable stock and 16” barrel, starting $1,519.00 MSRP.
    The KRISS Vector SMG, featuring a side folding stock and 5.5” threaded barrel. Law enforcement and military inquiries for the KRISS Vector SMG can be made by contacting KRISS USA.

    The KRISS Vector 10mm is fed by a 15 round capacity, Glock® G20 magazine. Compliant models for California, New Jersey, and Connecticut are available with 10 round G20 magazines. Cerekote color variations for select models are also available in Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Combat Grey, and Alpine White.

    For more information about the KRISS Vector GEN II 10mm, visit KRISS USA website at

    About KRISS USA
    KRISS USA is a leading manufacturer, distributor and provider of small arms, training replicas and accessories for commercial, military and law enforcement users worldwide. KRISS USA is part of a group of companies that focus on delivering proprietary technologies to the firearms industry, enabling more efficient solutions and corresponding to the 21st century security requirements.

    Press Contact
    KRISS USA Inc.
    Tim Seargeant
    Marketing Manager
    565 W. Lambert Rd. Suite F
    Brea, CA 92821, USA
    Phone: +1 714 333 1988
    [email protected]

    Contrary to some thoughts online, the 10mm Vector is finally here. It should be a minor modification from the .45acp Vector since they both use Glock magazines.

    the Glock 21 and Glock 29 share similar frame size and the magazine bodies are similar aside from the feed lips. In fact it is easy to get a 10mm conversion barrel and a G20 magazine and shoot 10mm out of a Glock 21. And since they both share similar magazine dimensions, the 10mm Vector could use a Glock 20 magazine with a Kriss Vector Magex G21 mag extension. While I have not tried it, it should work. An extended Glock 21 magazine p, with Kriss extension, holds about 25-28 rds depending on the spring. Or if you have an earlier extension spring by Ismi springs (they were the original spring manufacturer for the Kriss Magex) then they hold 30 rds. That is 30 rds of 230gr .45acp. Pushing 30+ rds of 10mm should be well within the capabilities of the springs. So an extended Glock 20 magazine should get about 32rds.


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