Liberty Suppressors Releases Chaotic Ti

    chaotic ti

    Liberty Suppressors announced the release of the company’s new .30 caliber Chaotic Ti sound suppressor. The new noise muffler is described as a “natural evolution of the Liberty Suppressors Chaotic.”

    According to the company, the performance (presumably noise reduction) of the Ti edition is improved when compared to the original through the use of a titanium monolithic core. However, looking at the specifications on the company’s site, both the Chaotic and Chaotic Ti show an approximate noise reduction of “24 dB – 30 dB.” The tube is also made of titanium, and it is 6″ long with a 2″ diameter. The weight of this suppressor is 16.7 ounces.

    Liberty Suppressors states the Chaotic Ti is rated for any jacketed bullet in calibers up to .300 Win Mag (16″ barrel). It is also good for less powerful cartridges such as the 300 BLK (down to a 7.5″ barrel.)

    The suggested retail price of the new sound suppressor is $895. Of course, that does not include the “mother, may I?” tax stamp from the federal government.

    Liberty Suppressors previously worked with Krebs Custom to develop a special version of the Chaotic for the AK platform. That model is called the A-KAOTIC. The company also developed an integrally suppressed AR upper called the Leonidas Ti. These are set up for the 300 BLK cartridge and claim noise reduction down to the 119 dB – 124 dB range.

    Richard Johnson

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