TNVC 'Goes Hot' With The IRD Patrol XR Spotter

by Pete

They say the night vision disease is just as bad, if not worse, than the suppressor affliction – almost impossible to kick. So as I stand on the ledge contemplating the jump into the infrared world, the guys over at Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) aren’t really helping the situation. They just posted up a really sharp video of an IR Defense Patrol XR in use during a coyote hunt.

It has been years since I’ve had the pleasure of using night vision in a professional setting. But I have two very vivid mother nature memories related to standing post on the midnight rotation:

The first was when a mother Bobcat and three kittens came running out of a woodline and stopped nearly at my feet. Watching those kits through a thermal imager was like watching electrons bounce around inside a super-charged atom. The second memory comes from a bitter cold night when I watched a wolf (not a coyote) sprint down the side of a mountain using a thermal monocular. It stopped no more than 15 yards away from me.

It seems that technology has advanced a bit in recent years – the video shot with the Patrol XR is pretty amazing. The detail on small objects out to 200+ yards is very impressive.

In case you aren’t a fan of semi-graphic kill shots, I took a few screen grabs from TNVC’s video.

TFB: TNVC 'Goes Hot' With The IRD Patrol XR Spotter
TFB: TNVC 'Goes Hot' With The IRD Patrol XR Spotter
TFB: TNVC 'Goes Hot' With The IRD Patrol XR Spotter
TFB: TNVC 'Goes Hot' With The IRD Patrol XR Spotter
TFB: TNVC 'Goes Hot' With The IRD Patrol XR Spotter

IR Defense MKIII 60mm Thermal Long Range Patrol XR Monocular


Sensor: Vanadium Oxide, Uncooled Microbolometer
Detector: 640 x 480 BAE Systems MicroIR
Sensor Pitch: 12µm Micron
Sensitivity: 4 Seconds
Display: eMagin VGA Digital 640×480 OLED
FOV: 7° Optical
Focus: Manual
Frame Rate: 60Hz (30Hz Power Save Mode)
Objective Lens: 60mm f/1.25
Polarity: Black hot/white hot
Analog Video: RS-170
Image Capture: Still Image and Video Out
Zoom: 4.5x (Optical), 8X (Digital)
Eye Relief: 27mm
Diopter Adjustment: – 6 to +4

Full TNVC video here:

At $8,499.00, the Patrol XR from IRD is not exactly inexpensive; It doesn’t fit into my budget, but it could fit into yours.

On a side note, I’m working on a multi-part night vision series for beginners. Stay tuned.


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  • JNZ JNZ on Sep 15, 2016

    Comments are disabled for this video.

    Yeeeaaa.... Here is a pro tip... If you need to disable comments on a promotional video - you've already messed up.

    THREE QUARTERS OF A SECOND shorter editing of the video would have been fine. There is no reason to SHOW the thrashing and crying... FFS gun owners/companies are their own worst enemies.

  • Nate_naah Nate_naah on Sep 15, 2016

    I long for the day useful thermal is a reasonable price....My champagne taste and beer budget puts me right in ATN x-sight territory when it comes to NV.....