SIG SAUER’s Reticle Maker for the ECHO1 Thermal Sight

    reticle maker

    SIG SAUER has a simple online program that allows you to design your own custom reticle for the ECHO1 thermal sight. The ECHO1 is a direct view reflex style sight that offers a range of features including white hot and black hot modes.

    ECHO 1 Reticle MakerIf you would like to try out the reticle maker, click here and then click on the “create your own reticle” icon on the right side of the page. (It is listed with the standard reticle offerings.) A pop-up application will then open and allow you to start creating.

    The tools are fairly basic, so you should be able to navigate the program fairly easily even if you find programs like Photoshop to be overwhelming. You can start with a blank slate, or import one of several reticle designs. You have options like line thickness and the use of a grid overlay. Undo and redo functions are also available.

    Once you create the reticle you want, you can download the design to your local computer. Once there, you can upload it to your ECHO1 thermal reflex sight.

    The reticle program has instructions in a pane on the right of the pop-up. These help with information such as each dot represents 1.36 MOA.

    Integrating electronics into optics offers a lot of possibilities going forward. While some of the implementations may seem crude today, think of where the industry could be in just a decade. Something like this may be as standard as multi-coating lenses.

    The ECHO1 is just part of SIG SAUER’s vigorous push into the optics market. The company now offers a fairly large line of scopes, rangefinders and more.

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