Uzkon Announces UNG-12 Semi-Auto Shotgun Bullpup

    Uzkon UNG-12

    While the Uzkon UNG-12 product image on Uzkon’s site is currently only a 3D render, they seem to have at least a few of these new shotguns out in the wild and appearing in promotional videos.

    This new foray for the Turkish manufacturer runs off the same pattern magazines as other popular Turkish semi-autos. You’ll have seen them in your BR-99, Akdal, and Derya firearms. But the UNG-12 differs by adopting a fairly modern looking bullpup design. That means anywhere from 2 to 20 round magazines depending on your local freedom-potential.

    This promotional video is definitely one of the odder firearms pieces I’ve seen lately, with some kind of hinted terrorist attack, flip-up-sight sound effects, and tactical 2×4 engagements. Enjoy:

    From the sketchy features list currently available online, it looks like the Uzkon UNG-12 is trying to address the major bullpup concerns and produce something in line with modern ergonomics requirements. They’re promising an ambidextrous magazine release, bolt release, safety lever, and charging handle. I notice in the video we see right hand charge on the bolt like an old SA-80, but you can clearly see an FS2000 style charging handle on the left side too.


    Trigger pull is advertised at 6.5lbs, and the gun ships with the fairly impressible muzzle brake seen in the video. The upper receiver is aluminum, while the lower is polymer. While Uzkon only lists this as “gas operated” I’d put firm money on it being an underbarrel piston system similar to their BR99.

    Apparently there are also a whopping 7 QD sling points built into the gun. Major points to anyone who finds a creative way to utilize every single one. A tubular variant is apparently in the works.


    If the euro price pre-orders are anything to go off, you should be looking at $800-$1000 MSRP if or when this comes to the United States. I’m reasonably confident that a Canadian sample will be making its way to the RCMP shortly, considering our past success with the LA-K12 Puma from China.


    Edward O

    Edward is a Canadian gun owner and target shooter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Crawling over mountains with tactical gear is his idea of fun. He blogs at TV-Presspass and tweets @TV_PressPass.