Summertime Fun: Slingshots

    Slingshots aren’t exactly firearms. However, I consider them as being a “back-to-basics” when it comes to launching small projectiles at targets down range: a reminder of why some of us like to shoot. Being back home for part of the summer, my dad was nice enough to refurbish some 30+ year old slingshots that I had used growing up. Mostly for the younger kids to learn and practice on, but honestly I’m not ashamed to admit that shooting slingshots is still a lot of fun.

    One of the best parts about slingshots that you can just walk around and find natural targets. However, besides rehabbing the old wrist rockets, he also built a skills target for the kids to practice their aim. If you decide to build something similar yourself, make sure you adjust the angle and keep it a fair distance from the shooters to avoid ricochets.

    TFB Summertime Fun: Slingshots

    TFB Summertime Fun: Slingshots

    Depending on the weight of the ammunition and the band you outfit your slingshot with, the maximum range is between 50-250 yards. So just like in the powder burner world, make sure you know your target, backstop and what’s behind it. Besides injuries, slingshot ammo can damage important (and costly) items like gigantic window panes.

    TFB Summertime Fun: Slingshots

    TFB Summertime Fun: Slingshots

    Ammunition sources can range from scrounged rocks to marbles and steel balls. While rocks are certainly suitable, flat or oblong shapes can cause wild in-air curves. For precision work, ball bearings are a must. This glass ball ammo is 30 years old – a holdout from simpler times.

    TFB Summertime Fun: Slingshots

    TFB Summertime Fun: Slingshots

    Whether or not you you have kids, consider picking up a slingshot or two. There’s a solid month left of Summer, you might as well relive some childhood memories.

    Sadly, check your local laws and regulations; some states have banned slingshots. (I’m looking at you, Massachusetts.)


    Laserhawk Marksman Folding Slingshot –

    MSRP: $9.95


    • Tempered steel yoke and arm support
    • Highest quality tubular thrust bands
    • Arm support designed for comfort and greater velocity
    • Fold-up design for easy storage and carrying


    Trumark FS-1 Slingshot –

    MSRP: $12.95

    TRUMARK’S FS-1 Wrist-braced slingshot folds to a compact size. The FS-1, FSX-2000, and FSXFO are the only folding slingshots made with an ammo storage chamber inside the handle. The wrist-brace can be easily removed from the handle, and reinstalled later. Although removing the wrist-brace turns the FS-1 into a non wrist-braced, slingshot, you can still store items in the handle. The handle can store ammo, matches, small knives, or repair kit. It’s unique bottom valve “flips”open, to dispense 5/16″, 3/8″ or 1/2″ ammo. The hollow handle also keeps the slingshot floating if accidently dropped in the water.

    Unlike all other, solid-core-handle, folding slingshots sold today with handles molded in two pieces, Trumark’s handles do not use glue, rivets, or screws to hold them together. They are molded in one complete piece! The wide aluminum forks, with a 4 1/2” spread between the prongs, increases powerband life. The light non-rust aircraft aluminum frame and compact size make the FS-1 sling shot a favorite survival aid for campers, hunters, and backpackers. Powered by matched-pull latex RR-1 powerbands, described here, with a split-chrome leather pouch…225 Yd. Range!



    Trumark Steel Ball Ammo –

    MSRP: $4.95

    Trumark’s® Steel-Ball Ammo has been selected for it’s special size, it’s not too small and not too large. Ammo that is 1/4″ or smaller is too light. It will “tear up” wrist braced slingshot bands that need more weight in the pouch when shot. Steel ammunition that is larger than 3/8″ is too heavy and unsafe if used improperly. Trumark’s ammo is a good balance between light and heavy, and is the ideal size for shooting in all wrist-braced slingshots. Perfectly round, Grade A ammo centers easily in the pouch, and lets you concentrate on the target as you get ready to shoot. (Grade B ammo has a “flat spot” that is found on cheaper metal balls designed to mix paint in spray cans). Avoid paint can balls. Shoot Trumark® Grade A steel balls for BULL’S-EYE accuracy! 120 Shots per bag.

    Trumark –

    Boulder, CO

    For phone orders: 1-844-878-6272
    8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday.
    Saturday & Sunday: 1-303-817-2420

    Beeman/Marksman –

    [email protected]

    10652 Bloomfield Ave
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