Subsonic .375 Socom … Silent but Deadly

    Jeff over at BigShooterist built a suppressed SBR and chambered it in .375 Socom. .375 Socom is the brainchild of Tony at Tromix. You may know Tony’s work on the Siamese AR-15.

    Tromix siamese

    Well the .375 Socom is a large caliber akin to the .450 and .50 caliber big bores where the casing is so large that a traditional 30rd AR mag becomes single stack.

    Tromix round

    Here is Jeff’s intro on the .375 Tromix.


    Here is his second video where he talks a bit more in detail about the round.


    It is interesting to hear that the .375 Socom sub sonic is 275 gr at 1000 fps. Not too far off from a .45acp at 230gr out of a 16″bbl going at 955 fps. However I am sure the .375 Socom has a better ballistic coefficient than .45 acp.

    It sounds rather quiet with the Bowers pistol can.

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