ARES Defense Changes Name To FightLite Industries

    The manufacturer of the SCR rifle and MCR belt feed system for M4 style rifles, ARES Defense Systems, is changing its name to FightLite Industries to more accurately reflect their current product line-up as well as upcoming additions to the line.

    Geoffery Herring, the President and CEO of the company, said: ” Since launching our company almost two decades ago, we’ve introduced and delivered many game-changing products to both civilianĀ and military shooters alike.” Herring went on to say ” We’ve set new standards along the way with high-performance products such as our patented MCR belt-feed system for the M4, our patented drop-in GXS gas piston kit and our universal and patented ARES SCR to name a few. We have some new groundbreaking product announcements coming up and we’re really excited about what we;re getting ready to bring to market in both the civilian and military marketplaces”

    The company will make the transition to the new FightLite brand by the end of 2016 and will continue to service spare parts, service, and manufacturer support for products built by ARES Defense.

    We will be keeping a close eye on what FightLite will be bringing to the table shortly, with a name change after almost two decades of reputation I expect the new products to pretty impressive.

    Click HERE to visit ARES’s website.