Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2

    Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Agressor Essential

    Trail cameras have become very popular with hunters for scouting potential hunting areas. I would imagine that most people have seen some of the photos online of monster bucks, bear and other critters that these cameras have captured when no humans are around.

    Bushnell announced a new addition to the company’s line of automated cameras. The Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 is a straightforward design built using the company’s proved Trophy Cam system.

    The Essential E2 uses a 12 megapixel camera with a variety of use adjustable settings to provide images of a path or clearing a hunter wants to scout. The hunter can set up the trigger interval anywhere from one to 60 seconds. On each trigger, the camera can take one, two or three still images or video of up to 60 seconds.

    Alternatively, a hunter can set up the unit to take time lapse images with an interval of one to 60 minutes between shots.

    Videos are recorded in 1,280×720 resolution. Additionally, the camera can take 3, 8 or 12 megapixel images to maximize storage space. The camera uses an SD card for storage.

    Bushnell uses a passive IR sensor that detects movement out to 80′. The unit has a built in LED flash to help with low light photos.¬†According to the company, a set of 8 AA batteries will power the unit for 12 months. The MSRP is $179.95.

    Richard Johnson

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