New Crimson Trace Laserless Grips & The Kimber K6s

    In a press release earlier today Crimson Trace has announced that they are now going to be producing grips with no laser. Crimson trace has a well known history of producing some of the very best laser aiming aids with over 2 million sets shipped over the last 20 years. They have also built up OEM partnerships with some of the biggest names in the manufacturing business like Kimber, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, Springfield and more. The new laserless grips open a new market for the Oregon based company and add to the options that will give shooters even more options past the over 200 products currently offered.

    The release of Kimber’s first revolver was highly anticipated thanks to the incredible marketing efforts that led up to its introduction at Range Day.  Crimson Trace’s press release did state that the Kimber K6s revolver is now shipping to Kimber master dealers all over the country. The shipment of the new revolver has been delayed from it original May shipment date Kimber projected at the time of the revolver’s launch, then revising it to June when the May date passed and again to July. It looks like the K6s will be available at dealers in early August as long as there are no more delays.

    You can click HERE to check out more information about Crimson Trace or click HERE for information about the Kimber K6s.