Breaking: Crimson Trace Acquired By Smith and Wesson

    Earlier today Smith and Wesson Holding Corp. announced that they have inked a deal to acquire Crimson Trace Corporation in a $95 million cash deal, pending some final adjustments. The acquisition of Crimson Trace is the latest of several companies that have been purchased by the $1.66 billion company. In 2014 Smith and Wesson purchased Battenfield Technologies; the parent company for Caldwell, Frankford Arsenal, Wheeler, and other brands; in a $130.5 million dollar deal. In a relatively quiet move earlier this month, Smith and Wesson also acquired Taylor Brands in a $85 million cash deal.

    Crimson Trace has been producing laser grips and other sighting aids to civilians, police, and even military for the last 22 years. With more than 200 different products in their inventory, they have cemented their self as a leading brand in the laser game. Crimson Trace also just announced plans to  produce non-laser grips and will be the OEM supplier for the new Kimber K6s revolver.

    Smith and Wesson need no introduction, even non-gun people know exactly who they are when you say the name. They have hinted at plans to start production of a new line of electro-optics built by Crimson Trace. It is unknown if they will rebrand the company as the electro-optics arm of Smith and Wesson or just let the Crimson Trace name do the talking.