PHOTOS: Guns of Eurosatory 2016: AK Alpha, Arex AKB15, Pro Arms MK3 and MORE

    My very good friend Lionel was once again kind enough to send us photos he took at the Eurosatory 2016 defense expo that has just been held in Paris. Below is a selection of interesting guns Lionel saw at the show. Read his report from the show at, with photos of military and law enforcement vehicles and equipment, at

    AK ALpha (israel)

    AK Alpha (Kalashnikov Israel)


    IWI X95 AAC (Israel)

    shadow-408-cheytac (canada)

    Cheytac Shadow .408 (Canada)

    Arex AKB15 -(czech)

    Arex AKB15 (Slovenia)

    proarms-mk-3 (czech)

    ProArms MK3 (CZ)

    lmt MARS L


    mmr 11.6 (canada)

    Colt Canada MMR 11.6 (Canada)


    M240 LW (USA)

    m-110 (usa)

    KAC M110 (USA)

    m-32-fcs (usa)

    Milkor MGL M32 FCS (USA)

    lmt-300-aac (usa)

    LMT 300 AAC (USA)

    KAC 3000 CQB Mod 2

    KAC 3000 CQB Mod 2 (USA)


    KRISS Generation 2 (USA)

    bren-2 (czech)

    CZ BREN2 (CZ)

    Many thanks Lionel!



    Steve Johnson

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