The Bullet Button “Reloaded” – Inventor Offers New (Likely) Compliant Offering

    With the passage of what many have described as “Gunpocalypse” in California, Golden State firearms owners have been scrambling to understand the implications of the various new laws and regulations. While all have sweeping implications for firearms owners, one of the laws was unique to California – the passage of laws to remove the so-called “bullet-button loop-hole”

    The Bullet Button was invented in 1996 by a California gun enthusiast Darin Prince to meet the letter of the law that defined “assault weapons” (a purely legal and legislative term) which banned the use of quick-detachable magazines without tools. As a bullet itself was considered a “tool” not attached to the weapon, the use of a magazine disconnect that required the tool was permissible to keep weapons from being classified as “Assault Weapons”.

    Unfortunately, SB 880 redefines “Assault Weapons” to preclude the use of magazine locking devices to configure legal non “assault” versions of common firearms.

    However, in their place is a similar device that meets the legal requirement of disassembly of the action. Mr. Prince has an offering, the “Bullet Button Reloaded” which will be available soon. Of note, its very similar to the ARMagLock, which we covered previously. 

    Mr. Prince has put together a video of the Bullet Button Reloaded installation onto a standard AR-15. Unfortunately, similar devices for non AR weapons will be difficult, as their disassembly is more complex.

    Nathan S

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