Talon Grips for Magpul’s AK Furniture

    Talon Grips

    Talon Grips is one of those American success stories: an individual comes up with a solution for a problem he is experiencing, and seeing a hole in the market, offers the solution to others. Finding value in the product, the market responds and a company is born.

    In 2009, the company’s founder wanted to improve his ability to hold onto his department issued Glock 21 in the blistering Arizona summer heat. With an X-Acto knife and skateboard tape, he fashioned his first Talon Grips product. When others saw what he had done, demand kicked in and a company was formed.

    Fast forward some seven years and the company now offers a wide range of grip enhancing products for all kinds of firearms. Its latest offering are the enhancements for Magpul’s MOE AK furniture.

    For the MOE pistol grip, Talon Grips offers a pair of enhancement options: one with a granulated texture and another with a rubber texture. Both versions offer high coverage on the backstrap, full coverage on both sides and additional coverage under the trigger guard. Both versions retail for $17.99.

    Talon Grips also offers the same two texture options for the MOE AK hand guard. These grip enhancers are properly cut for the specific mold of the Magpul hand guard. Both texture varieties sell for $17.99.

    Richard Johnson

    An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.