1911 Gets Down & Dirty in InRange TV’s MUD TEST!

    InRangeTV’s mud tests have been an enlightening series. Conducted in a relatively scientific manner, the “test” is simple, coat gun in nasty desert mud and see if the weapon will function through its firing cycle.

    Contrary to popular perception, this test took down the venerable Kalashnikov pattern rifle and showed the AR-15 is not the “unreliable” platform as the myth perpetuates. In fact, the AR is the better platform for a mud test (though stand-by for results of dust, water, and other environments) as it is a nearly sealed weapon system with the magazine installed.

    Stepping up to the plate now is John Moses Browning’s venerable 1911, of the World War II variety with “loose” clearances and all. The weapon used is actually not a technical 1911, it is a derivative of it, specifically a Ballester Molina weapon of Argentine origin. Some may take issue with this, but the weapon is a near copy, omitting the grip safety (which should help the weapon in this test, not hurt it).

    Going through the test, the weapon does reasonably well, especially considering its a 100 year old design. But, its not a complete success, with failures to go into battery and failures to load.

    Enjoy the video and the inevitable internet dialogue to come.


    Nathan S

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