The New Steiner Intelligent Combat Sight!

    Steiner released a video about their new ICS optic. ICS stands for Intelligent Combat Sight. It combines a laser range finder with a ballistics calculator in a compact optic. It is a fixed power 6x40mm optic. As expected of Steiner it is water proof, fog prof, and shock proof up to 750G.


    Steiner ICS 2


    The scope reminds me of the Burris Eliminator series. In fact the Burris Eliminator can reach out to 1200 yards over the Steiner ICS’ 800 yard range.That might be due to the fact that the Eliminator has a 4-16×50 scope version and seeing out to 1200 yards wold be much easier at 16x than 6x. The Burris Eliminator also has the ability take wind as a factor. The one thing I do not know is how robust the Burris Eliminators are but I do not think it can match the Steiner ICS.

    Both systems have ballistic calculators that you can enter your bullet information and it will calculate bullet drop based on distance.



    One thing not shown in the Steiner video is where the button is to laze the target. You can see it in the Burris video where it is on the side of the scope. You would just have to reach up a bit with your support hand to press the button. Not something that seem feasible on the Steiner optic. I think you would have to break your support hand completely from the firearm to press the button on the Steiner. Now according to B&H Photo, the Steiner ICS comes with a tape switch for remote activation. The ICS also has built in offset iron sights as well as a picatinny rail to mount a small red dot on top.

    Steiner ICS 3


    The Steiner ICS retails for $3,499.99-$3,999.99

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