New MidwayUSA Shooting Mat

    If there’s one thing you find you really do need a part of your kit if you’re a dedicated rifle shooter, it’s a shooting mat. Although there’s nothing wrong with getting down on the grass, in the dirt, and over the admittedly jagged edges of rocks, there are reasons beyond comfort for having a well-made mat. For example, some guns – especially those of greater weight – have bipods that will sink right into the dirt. It’s hard – no, impossible – to stay on target when your bipod is constantly behaving as though it’s resting atop quicksand. Now there’s a new shooting mat out from MidwayUSA designed to meet a variety of needs.

    The newest shooting mat from MidwayUsa is the MidwayUSA Pro Series Gen 2 Competition Shooting Mat. And while it may be marketed to competition shooters, the very feature that will appeal to them will also appeal to the average guy looking to improve marksmanship while prone. The new mat comes with 50% more padding than its predecessors, which is great for protection from those aforementioned jagged rocks, and is waterproof thanks to a bottom layer made of 1200D polyester. The top layer is made of 1000D Cordura nylon for durability and resistance to rips and tears. Features include a bipod stop that’s sewn in place, tie-downs at each corner, and two zippered pouches. For easier carrying the mat comes with a sewn-on handle and shoulder strap.

    The mat’s measures 67″ long and 26 3/4″ wide when unrolled and 6 1/2″ diameter and 26 3/4″ wide when rolled for storage or transport. It weighs 2 pounds. Available colors are coyote and olive drab. MSRP on MidwayUSA’s website is $99.99.

    Also new from the company are the MidwayUSA Lightweight Tactical Shooting Mat and the MidwayUSA Shooting Mat Sun Shade Cover.

    Phil Note: This is the same mat I bought from Midway. It’s a good one with plenty of padding and the two slits so you can put some load on your bipod. It’s a bargain price for what you get.

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