Kite In-Line Weapon Sights Selected by ADF

    Kite In-Line

    Qioptiq announced that the company secured a contract to supply the Australian Defense Forces (ADF) with its Kite In-Line Weapon Sights. The sights are part of the Australia Department of Defence LAND 125 3C project.

    The Kite In-Line Weapon Sight is a night vision device that mounts in front of a magnified day sight. It amplifies ambient light to produce an image that allows the soldier to see beyond 1,000 meters in normal night time conditions. According to the company’s website, a soldier is able to recognize a standing man at 500 meters in very low light situations (1×10‾³ lux).

    LAND 125 3C Project

    The LAND125 3C Project is an effort by the Australian Defence Forces to upgrade its soldiers’ ability to fight. In 2015, it was announced that the Department of Defence selected the Austeyr F88 (also known as the enhanced F88 or EF88) rifle. Australia has employed the original F88 for nearly 30 years.

    EF88 Rifle

    According to the Australian Army, the first Austeyr F88 rifles were deployed to the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR) in 2015. Early feedback from soldiers seems to be positive. According to the army’s website, additional rifles will be deployed to other units starting this year.

    The LAND 125 3C Project doesn’t just provide new rifles. Instead it provides for new and/or upgraded accessories such as the Kite In-Line Weapon Site.

    Side note: It sounds like Lithgow Arms will be importing a US version of the EF88 soon.

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