Holy Giant Optic Batman! Firefield Kemper XL

    I found this optic while checking out some photos people posted of their Kel-Tec Sub2000. Before you ask, that Sub2000 is sporting the Red Lion Precision rail which allows it to index and rotate. Thus allowing the optic to move out of the way when folded.


    The Kemper XL is made by Firefield. It does not seem to be listed on their website. But it is available on Amazon for under $100.

    This optic looks ridiculous. Like a drive in theater screen LOL


    Kemper 2

    A customer actually bought one and put it on his FNH SCAR16S.

    I got this thing 2 days earlier than expected, so kudos to the seller. It’s big, the field of view and eye relief are infinite, it’s durable. It’s easily adjustable and the sight glows bright red or green whether your environment is light or dark. I have it on my FN SCAR 16s (5.56), I’ve put over 100 rounds through my firearm with this thing on and it’s held zero and not moved an inch on top of my gun, and I have yet to have to tighten it on with a screwdriver. I’ve simply screwed and unscrewed it with my fingers for each use (of course that could be because of the low recoil of the SCAR.) The way red dot sights work are a light is turned on behind the glass which projects the sight, and the glass reflects the light back to you, giving you the image of the sight – which brings me to why I’m giving this 3 stars. The glass reflects more than just the light, in fact it reflects just about everything dark behind it. Because of this I found it difficult sometimes to distinguish between what was actually in front of me and what was just being reflected. I posted customer pictures 1,2, and 3, picture 1 shows the reflection issue.

    Update: I had to return this sight, the reflection issue was too much for me to handle.


    Kemper XL 2 Kemper XL 3 Kemper XL

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