Review: The Original Ratchet Gun Belt The RGB Cobra

    In all likelihood we’ve all owned gun belts of various materials and styles. Chances are, like myself, you did a good bit of looking to find one that worked well for you. There surely are a lot of belts to choose from with some good belts and others gun belts in name only.

    When I happened on the RGB gun belt I found what I honestly believe is the best gun belt available today.

    The RGB Cobra comes with hardware and cleaning cloth along with the belt and buckle. All packaged in a nice wooden box.

    The RGB Cobra comes with hardware and cleaning cloth along with the belt and buckle. All packaged in a nice wooden box.

    The model I received is called the Cobra. The Cobra model is black with white stitching and a silver finish ratchet buckle. All RGB belts come in an nice wooden box. Inside you’ll find the belt, separate buckle in a felt bag, hardware for attachment of the buckle to the belt and a cleaning cloth to keep the buckle clean and remove any fingerprints. It isn’t mentioned but I’m sure you can have the buckle engraved with your choice of initials, logo etc.


    From Ratchet Gun Belt:

    We have been asked several times on how the “Original Ratchet Gun Belt came to be. The ratchet gun belt also known as the R.G.B. was conceived from not being able to find a gun belt that was supportive, durable and confortable. Every gun belt that is on the market today was either way to stiff and uncomfortable or they weren’t supportive enough. Another problem with the standard gun belt is that it only adjusts in 1” increments so it was almost impossible to get just that right fit. An individual would either have to have their belt fitting too tight or too loose, which is a problem no matter how you look at it. So we set out to solve this problem, which started with the design and function of the gun belt and its buckle. We needed to choose between types of leather and the functionality and reliability of a redesigned beefed up ratchet style buckle to accomplish what we wanted the final product to be.
    With that said the choosing of the leather ended up to be quite a chore. We went through several merchants of fine top quality leathers before we got the very best in the industry. This was not an easy task to accomplish we only wanted the very best which meant that we could only use the top 5% of the hide. So besides the durability, support and comfort, we also wanted the belt to look great so an individual could wear it both for casual and dress.
    When it came to the dying process we wanted to make sure that as the individuals wear the belt through time it would not show signs of wear, such as scratches and abrasions so we decided not to just do a top coat applied dye. We chose to use vat dying which soaks the dye completely through the leather. This way if the belt is scratched or scraped it does not show the original color of the leather and make the mark stand out. Again with the quality leathers that we use the dye does not weaken the composition of the leather as it does in lesser grades of leather. So our gun belt remains supportive and durable.
    Now we know not everyone carries a lightweight firearm so we didn’t want to depend on the leather itself to support heavier items on the belt so we added a stiffener. This is not just any ordinary stiffener; it was specially formulated for us just to be used in our gun belts. It is quite supportive yet remains extremely flexible so it does not make the belt uncomfortable. Getting the right stiffener was not a easy task either we went through trial and error with many different types and materials until we finally found the right combination of support, durability and comfort and I truly believe that we found the perfect solution.
    If you take the high quality leather and the superb stiffener combined with quality craftsmanship you end up with the belt part of the Ratchet Gun Belt. The gun belt that not only delivers support and durability, it also gives the individual the comfort and style to last for years.
    The ratchet buckle system was a whole new venture, we liked the idea of being able to adjust the fit by ¼” increments instead of the standard 1” increments, but the ratchet buckles that were available just weren’t to our standards and we needed to beef it up to support the weight and abuse that the every day carrier of a sidearm puts it through. So we studied the design and function and tweaked it so now the buckle will support just as much as the belt will handle, that includes holster, sidearm, magazine holder, etc.
    The Ratchet Gun Belt at this point is coming together. Once the two pieces were matched up and assembled we knew that we had a winning combination. For the next six months after we assembled the Ratchet Gun Belt we tested it with everyday wear and found out that after a couple of days wearing that the ratchet gun belt was everything that we had hoped it would be and more. Through out the testing, it was a very welcome feeling that something that we had worked on so hard for so long came out exceeding our expectations. I personally have worn it for over six months with a Sig Sauer 1911 in a Galco holster and single magazine holder on the belt with no discomfort and with all the support I will ever need. Not only that, it also looks damn good on, so now the individual is not standing out in the crowd with a tactical belt look, they have that finished look. At this point no one can tell the individual is carrying or not, with the fit of the ratchet gun belt it will hold your sidearm and accessories close to your body as not to print that an individual is carrying. Yet the ratchet gun belt remains comfortable and looks just like a casual or dress belt.
    I want to thank all of you that are showing interest in (or have purchased) “The Original Ratchet Gun Belt” and I do hope that you are considering purchasing one for yourself, family members or friends. Here at “The Original Ratchet Gun Belt” we know that if you decide to purchase our Ratchet Gun Belt that you will not be disappointed. The quality of the leathers and craftsmanship far out cedes the majority of the gun belts on the market today and the comfort and style is worth its weight in gold alone, you just get the added bonus of the support and durability.
    Come back often we are working on bring more selections to our line and we don’t want you to miss out.
    From all of us here at “The Original Ratchet Gun Belt “ we want to thank you for supporting our product and we wish all of you a fantastic day.

    When everything is removed from the box examine the inside of the belt. The inside of the belt has stamped markings in inches as well as a length of notches the ratchet buckle attaches to in order to secure it when worn. One size belt fits all up to a size 48 inches. Any measurement above that is available by special order. Fitting the belt is straightforward. The belt is laid out next to your current belt (provided it fits of course) then the proper total belt length can be marked on the inside of the RGB. I left a bit more material than I needed to but I wanted to make sure I didn’t cut the leather shorter than needed. When you’re satisfied with the belt length cut the belt at the notch you made when you measured against the current belt you wear.

    IMG_0345 (1)

    The next step is to take the four hex screws from the plastic hardware bag and lay them aside. There should be a couple of extra screws should you need them. These hex screws have a sharp point on one end with hex shaped hole in the other. A small hex wrench is included. Remove the buckle from the cloth bag then insert the end of the belt you cut into the buckle. The back of the buckle has four threaded holes to accept the hex screws. Using the hex wrench the screws are turned down until they are even with the surface of the buckle. The sharp point pierces the leather and imbeds into the center plastic stiffener. After I checked the fit on mine I backed the screws out a little and put a drop of medium loctite on the threads for some extra hold. This isn’t part of the instructions it’s just what I did. Once this is done you just put the belt on like any other except that as you feed the leather into the buckle you can hear the ratchet engage the notches I mentioned earlier. When you have the belt inserted far enough for a good fit just let the belt go and the belt holds in place. When you are ready to remove the belt simply rotate a small lever located on the side of the buckle which releases the latch. It’s a simple and very sturdy setup that can be easily adjusted for whichever holster you may be using even IWB or OWB. One of the best features of the Cobra belt is each adjustment in length is 1/4 inch rather than a normal belt which limits you to one inch adjustments.


    All of the RGB belts are available in various colors of leather as well as several buckle colors. The MSRP is $119.00. Extra buckles in other finishes are $29.00. Check the website for ordering. The video below explains fitting etc.

    Rotating latch to remove belt

    Rotating latch to remove belt

    Phil White

    Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m retired as associate editor since December 14th 2017. My replacement is my friend Pete M email: [email protected] you can reach Pete for product reviews etc.