Revealing Your Baby's Gender With a Bang

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

There have been a few people to use this method of announcing a baby’s gender to their families. A little binary explosive and some blue or pink powdered chalk is all you need alongside your favorite rifle of choice.

Here is one done with shotguns. Not sure what they used to get the powder to spew outward because it does not look like a tannerite explosion.

Here is one that got some people upset for stupid reasons. Here is an article about it. I don’t see the problem. He has proper trigger discipline and shot a target from a safe distance. Sure, they should be wearing eye and ear protection but I will let that pass.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Gerald brennan Gerald brennan on Jun 11, 2016

    Babies are not born with "gender," they are born with a sex. Sex is biological and demonstrable; Gender is an imaginary construct. The progressives want you to conflate these terms (like "discrimination" and "bigotry") but they are NOT synonyms. Stay out of that trap.

  • Bob Lewis Bob Lewis on Jun 12, 2016

    You might be a red-neck if......