HK Gets Its FDE On

    HK VP9 FDE

    Heckler & Koch (aka HK) is now offering VP9 and VP40 pistols with a flat dark earth (FDE) frame. The new colored frames are not simply finished in FDE, rather the plastic is properly tinted during the manufacturing process. This means the color will not flake, chip or peel off during hard use.

    The slide and other hardware, including the trigger and magazine release, are black. This gives the gun a nice two tone look.

    HK VP40 FDE

    The VP9 and VP40 are striker fired pistols that have been introduced by HK in recent years. The VP9 is a 9mm handgun, while the VP40 is predictably chambered for the .40 S&W cartridge. I had a chance to shoot the VP9 extensively and found the gun to be an excellent performer.

    HK states the FDE guns will ship with three dot night sights standard. It appears that those are the photoluminescent sights, and not tritium powered sights.

    Both caliber models will have 10 round low capacity magazine options for jurisdictions that have enacted laws that prohibit its citizens from the possession of standard capacity feeding devices. Standard capacity magazines in 9mm hold 15 rounds while 13 rounds are kept in the .40 S&W mags. All versions of the FDE guns carry the same suggested retail price: $819.

    Richard Johnson

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