The Best Part of the Chiappa Survival Rifle: Inserts Available Individually

    Chiappa, known for their fun Rhino revolvers and other firearms designs has released their X-Caliber shotshell to cartridge inserts individually. While the Survival Rifle has had some public difficulties, the inserts are a highly sought-after component for those trying to build a one-gun-does-all survival rifle.

    The X-Caliber set was previously only offered as a single complete group, much to the chagrin of those prepping single calibers. Listening to their customers, the inserts are now available individually across both the 12 gauge and 20 gauge line-up.


    Available inserts include:

    12 Gauge:

    1. 20ga,
    2. 410ga/45COLT,
    3. 45ACP,
    4. 44MAG,
    5. 40S&W,
    6. 357MAG/38SPL,
    7. 9MM,
    8. 380ACP

    20 Gauge

    1.  410ga/45COLT,
    2. 45ACP,
    3. 357MAG/38SPL,
    4. 9MM

    The offerings cover the most-requested inserts, but notably absent is 22LR, the prepper’s most popular caliber. I am sure Chiappa will hear this and offer it in the near future.

    The X-Caliber inserts are only compatible with break-action shotguns. Their length (8″) precludes their use from common pump-action and semi-auto offerings. To use, simple insert into the barrel with the rim interfacing with the extractors of the gun. Guns complete with ejectors may find the inserts a bit more “fun” for usage.


    Unfortunately, no word on pricing for the individual units. The full set of adapters runs for about $279 retail, so likely street prices are $35 – 50.

    Nathan S

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