Review: “Prepper Guns” Asks if You’re Ready for Potential Disaster

    Yes, I am a gun writer – or an outdoor writer, to use the proper term. If you assume this means I read quite a bit, you’d be right, but not every gun writer out there is also a reader. For me, reading is paramount. The only thing capable of fighting my desire to get out and shoot is a good book. So I was pleased to find fellow outdoor writer Bryce M. Towsley’s newest book “Prepper Guns” is both well-thought out and detailed.

    Courtesy of Bryce Towsley

    Courtesy of Bryce Towsley

    “Prepper Guns” has a descriptive subtitle of “Firearms, Ammo, Tools, and Techniques You Will Need to Survive the Coming Collapse” and while it might make it appear as though Towsley falls into the category of bunker-dwelling survivalist, that is not even remotely accurate. Towsley simply believes in the importance of being ready, a lifestyle skill instilled in him as a child that has stood the test of time. Being ready means not relying on daily trips to the grocery store or needing to hit the local gun store every time you want or need to shoot your gun. Readiness isn’t a matter of obsessive excess, it’s a matter of basic logic.

    The book’s forward is written by the wife of the late Mel Tappan, a gun writer well-known for his book “Survival Guns” (if you do not know who Mel Tappan is, it is to your own detriment). Nancy Tappan rightly states that Towsley knows his guns and his advice is worth taking. After all, just because a book has the word “prepper” or “survival” in its title doesn’t mean it isn’t full of valuable information.

    "Prepper Guns" author Bryce M. Towsley

    “Prepper Guns” author Bryce M. Towsley

    This particular book covers everything from Towsley’s personal rule of ABC – Always Be Carrying – to the AUG to ammo (and everything in between). It’s a comprehensive gun book not only for those who like to be ready for whatever may come but also for just about anyone who likes guns, especially long guns. This is a gun book, not a guns-and-knives or guns-and-bunkers book.

    I consider “Prepper Guns” an excellent addition to my library. It’s well worth the read and good to have around for future reference as well. As Towsley himself said, “A survival situation is not the time to get ‘on the job’ training. Besides, learning all this stuff is a lot of fun.” Read it. Use it. And maybe, just maybe, you might start to consider yourself a prepper – or at least a readiness expert.

    Want to grab a copy of “Prepper Guns” for yourself? Visit Bryce Towsley’s website here.

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