Bulletproof Carthart Jacket?

    A suspect in NY was shot by NYPD however four of the nine rounds were defeated by the suspect’s Carthart jacket. NYPD uses Speer Gold Dot 124gr +P JHP. According to an article by the Tribunist, one round grazed a bystander. I know from previous examples, the NYPD hit ratio is rather low. If you recall two officers engaged a shooter outside the Empire State Building and missed while engaging him only a few feet away. That makes me wonder if those 4 rounds were not necessarily defeated by the Carthart jacket but perhaps they missed the intended target and the rounds went to the side but still hit the jacket. No mention of which Carthart jacket the suspect was wearing.

    Bearing Arms has a different hypothesis of what happened. Lucky Gunner and TNoutdors9 both did tests of Speer Gold Dot 124gr +P against denim.


    Lucky Gunner saw similar results in their test. Click here to see the test.


    Bearing Arms suspects that the bullet did as it was designed, defeated the jacket, went through the body of the suspect and exiting out the body. However the back of the jacket stopped the bullet from completely exiting. The information about this incident is very vague. The simple fact of counting bullet wounds would determine if the suspect was hit nine times or only five, if we are to believe that the jacket stopped four rounds.

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