Comp-Tac Holster for New Smith and Wesson Pistol

    News of the latest addition to Smith and Wesson’s lineup spread fast during the recent NRA Annual Meeting (NRAAM). Smith and Wesson’s newest gun is an M&P Shield chambered in .45 ACP, and it’s an announcement that’s been met with more than a little interest. The company’s booth was filled to overflowing during the NRAAM. Now, close on the heels of the new .45 ACP are announcements regarding accessories for the pistol. Comp-Tac Holsters has expanded their line to include holsters made specifically for the newest Smith and Wesson handgun.

    Comp-Tac is making a variety of holsters for the new gun in order to meet the needs of various shooters. Holsters compatible with the Shield 45 include the company’s MTAC, Infidel Max, Infidel Ultra Max, International, and Flatline models. The models vary both in carry method supported and in materials used. For example, the MTAC and Infidel Max are both inside-the-waistband versions but the MTAC uses a combination of leather and Kydex while the Infidel Max uses only Kydex. Of the models being offered the Flatline appears to be the most diverse since it can be worn either inside the waistband or outside the waistband. Comp-Tac also lists the Flatline as a good choice for concealed carry, competition, or what they term as “general use”.

    MSRP varies by model; according to the Comp-Tac website prices range between approximately $40 and $100. Visit their website at

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