IDF and the Micro Tavor X95

    A solider posted up some photos of himself and his platoon from back when he served in the IDF in 2010-2012. He focuses mostly on the X95. There are a LOT of photos and comments with each photo. It is interesting seeing the subtle differences and seeing how the guns were setup for the IDF.


    The X-95 was called the “Micro” in the IDF, pronounced “Me-crow” You can also see a Tavor specific magazine coupler in this image. The magazines were each facing different directions so the spare would always be on the left side of the weapon and out of the way of your firing arm.


    M203 on a Tavor.



    Reloading is for fools.


    Essentially, it is a dual illuminated red dot optic that is range adjustable for use with the M-203.



    Click here to check out the rest of the photos.

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