Breaking News: ATF Approves SB Tactical Collapsing Brace

    ATF has approved SB Tactical’s new brace design.

    “We are very excited with the ATF’s approval of our new adjustable Pistol Stabilizing Brace design, and understand the overwhelmingly positive implications of the decision,” said Jeff Creamer, Vice President of Business Development, SB Tactical. “SB Tactical’s commitment to emerging technologies and innovation has been the facilitator for the growing PDW pistol category. This Opinion ushers in an exciting time for us and the PDW community; we are proud to introduce the MPX PSB and SBPDW models.”

    It is a collapsing brace. It will be made for the SIG MPX and they have teamed up with Maxim to make a PDW version.


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    I am eager to see if they make one for the MP5 clones out there. Here is a photo from their Facebook page. There are some cool looking braces coming out. Aside from the MPX brace I find the MP5 brace to be very intriguing. I have been told it is for B&T.


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