ARES Defense STEP-22LS Pistol

    Ares Defense pistol

    ARES Defense announced a new .22 LR pistol system called the STEP-22LS. In case you were curious about the name, it stands for Strategic Target Engagement Pistol, Low Signature. The system is offered under the company’s special product division: FightLite. These units mount directly onto the frame of a Ruger 22/45 and Mk-I, -II and -III pistols.

    The new system features an integrated sound suppressor which promises noise reduction of up to 40 dB. According to the company, the suppressor is user serviceable and uses a modified K baffle system.

    FightLite uses a tensioned 2.5″ barrel with a match chamber. Combined with the integral suppressor system, its overall length is 11″ With a 22/45 frame, the pistol weighs 24.3 ounces unloaded.

    Picatinny type rails are located on the top of the unit and at the 6 o’clock position under the barrel. These units have a suggested retail price of $699.

    Ares Defense is the same company that introduced the SCR, a rifle that takes the AR-15 and gives it a more traditional look. Because of the way it looks, it is legal in many places where a standard AR is not. The company also makes AR rifles that are fed by M249 type belts (disintegrating links) of ammunition. The company definitely likes to think outside of the box and develop new things.

    Richard Johnson

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